Twelve prayers for Christmas

Twelve days of Christmas

Please think about and pray for people in these joyless situations during the 12 Days of Christmas.

25th December Families with an empty place at the dinner table for the first time.

26th December Those who are back on the cold, wet streets again after a warm and companionable Christmas Day with organisations such as HARC.

27th December People who need to spend time in hospital over the festive period.

28th December All medical staff, police, firemen and lifeboat crews who must work and cannot spend Christmas with their families.

29th December Families who needed to rely on food banks this year because of a change of circumstances.

30th December The children who experienced no love this Christmas only mental and/or physical abuse.

31st December Those who long for company but are seeing in the New Year on their own again or for the first time.

1st January Those who see no hope or happiness ahead in 2020.

2nd January Those who are being trafficked and fear for their safety.

3rd January Women and their children in refuges escaping from domestic violence.

4th January Mothers whose babies were born too ill or too premature to survive or were stillborn.  

5th January People who have been told they have a terminal illness and those who have to tell them.