Birds in the Bible (answers)

1. God created birds on the 5th day.

2. Joseph prophesied the birds would eat the baker’s flesh.

3. Turtledoves were an acceptable burnt offering

4. Ravens brought meat to Elijah in the wilderness.

5. Noah sent the raven out from the ark first.

6. Nebuchadnezzar’s hair was compared to eagle feathers.

7. The Holy Spirit descended like a dove on Jesus.

8. God provided quails for the Israelites to eat.

Birds in the Bible Quiz

1. Which bird is compared to the Spirit of God? Matt 3:16

2. Which bird was used as a metaphor for God’s concern for his people? Matt 23:37

3. Which bird was used metaphorically for bringing the Israelites out of slavery? Exodus 19:4

4. Which bird’s call was used as a metaphor for loneliness? Psalm 102: 6-7

5. Which birds, brought by the wind, were dropped beside the camp for the people to gather? Numbers 11:31

6. Which birds is Solomon believed to have brought on fleet ships for his palace? I Kings 10:22

More New Definitions

Gurgle: to steal a ventriloquist’s dummy Rapscallion: a funky spring onion Fragrant: a sweet smelling tramp Hosepipe: a dance by sailors wearing socks Turpentine: a Geordie highway man


STRANGE AND GORY ENDINGS 1. Who fell to his death from a 3rd storey window he was sitting on during a long sermon? Acts 20:7-12 Apollos or Stephen or Eutychus

2. Who had a tent peg hammered through their head whilst asleep? Judges 4.21 Gideon or Sisera or Cicero

3. Who was stabbed whilst on the toilet? Judges 3:24-25 Eli or Samson or Eglon

4. Whose hair was caught in a tree and was stabbed in the heart with a javelin? 2 Samuel 18:9-15 Absalom or Jonathan or Adonijah

5. Who was mauled by bears for mocking a prophet’s baldness? 2 Kings 1:23-4 A group of boys or members of the Sanhedin or the sons of Korah

6. Who leaned back on his chair and broke his neck? 1 Samuel 4:18 Eli or Jereboam or Nathaniel

Ideas taken from www.biblesociety.org.uk


Match these quotes with the saints who said them:
1. He translated the Bible into Latin: “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” a) Jerome b) John Paul II c) Thomas Aquinas
2. He marched around the walls of Jericho until they collapsed: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” a) Samuel b) Solomon c) Joshua
3. A 16th century Spanish Carmelite nun: “Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours.” a) Joan of Arc b) Elizabeth c) Teresa of Avila
4. A lover of nature and animals: “Be praised, my Lord, for all your creatures …” a) Jude b) Francis of Assisi c) Basil the Great
5. Converted on the road to Damascus, he wrote: “Love is patient, love is kind” a) James b) John c) Paul
6. When told he would be crucified by the Romans: “I am not worthy to die like my Lord.” a) Simon b) Jude c) Peter
7. Italian Franciscan with the stigmata: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” a) Nicholas b) Ignatius of Loyola c) Padre Pio
8. Famous for using the three-leaf clover to explain the Trinity: “Christ behind me, Christ before me, …” a) Patrick b) David of Wales c) Columba
9. “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.” a) Juan Diego b) Mother Teresa c) King David
10. “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: ‘Let my people go’” a) Moses b) Pius X c) Thomas Becket


BIBLE FACTS YOU MAY NOT KNOW  Over 100 million copies of the Bible are sold each year.  The word “bible” is from the Greek ta biblia, which means “the scrolls” or “the books” and that word is derived from the ancient city of Byblos, which was important for the export of papyrus from Egypt to Greece.  The King James Bible contains 788,258 words, 31,102 verses, 1,189 chapters, and 66 books.  The longest psalm is number 119.  The shortest psalm is number 117.  Whilst it took over 1,000 years to write the Old Testament, the New Testament was written within a period of 50-75 years.  John Wycliffe produced the first translation of the entire Bible from Latin Vulgate into English. However, many years later he was declared a heretic and the Catholic Church exhumed and burned his corpse, scattering his ashes in the river Swift.  William Tyndale produced the first printed edition of the Bible. He was tried on a charge of heresy, was strangled to death while tied at the stake, and then his dead body was burned.  China is the largest producer of Bibles.  Bob Marley was buried with a football, a ring, a stalk of marijuana, his Les Paul guitar and a Bible.  There are 93 women who speak in the Bible, who between them speak a total of 14,056 words, or about 1.1% of the Bible.  Nearly all the villains in the Bible have red hair. (I haven’t been able to verify this one!)

1. Jesus was born in Nazareth
2. Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth
3. Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Damascus
4. Lazarus was healed of his blindness by Jesus
5. Abraham’s first son was called Isaac
6. Saul was the first king of Israel
7. Mary, mother of Jesus, was at the wedding in Cana
8. The Prodigal Son was hired to work as a shepherd
9. Jesus saw Zacchaeus up a sycamore tree in Jericho
10. The 10 Commandments were given to Aaron on Mt. Sinai
11. Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament
12. There are twenty nine books in the New Testament
13. The 10th plague upon Egypt was the death of the firstborn
14. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers
15. Balaam’s camel was prevented from passing by an angel
16. Stephen was stoned to death
17. Daniel spent three days and nights in the lions’ den
18. God created birds and fish on the 5th day of creation
19. Paul the apostle was a tent maker
20. Ruth first met Boaz on the threshing floor.