Christmas in Bethlehem

Silent nights in Bethlehem
In December a Christmas tree was up in Manger Square, Bethlehem, as usual,
but nothing else is as usual. A million visitors would normally be arriving but
this year there are none. 80% of Bethlehem residents have had no income for
over nine months. Issa Judeh Zabiah is a Christian woodworker and he and his
wife carve souvenirs and rosaries from local olivewood. This would usually
support the couple and their children but without tourism they cannot sell
these products. They can now barely meet their basic needs. On top of the
tensions with the separation wall around Bethlehem, coronavirus and its
impact on tourism must feel like the final straw. Friends of the Holy Land is a
charity which gives grants to people in need. If you feel you’d like to support
them see their website