the Skylark

The Skylark

I walked the lane today
And all was clean and green around,
The ash, sycamore and lime,
The oak and beech
In shimmering, abundant leaf
Along the line of fence and hedge
were reaching to the sky.
With noble stance, their frames
by winds exposed
Were solid, built, like scaffolding,
Ascending high above the ground.
In wonder caught,
I gazed enthralled
Until I heard,
Beyond towering trees,
The faintest sound of birdsong.
Drawn by the distant, dainty voice
From airy openness,
In focus, finally
I recognised it there,
The skylark.
What makes these mighty trees
So fixed and firm
So set and strong
To last through years of time?
What makes the skylark
Lift herself to heaven
In unpremeditated praise?
I only know
This wonder blesses me
Beyond my understanding.

11th June 2003,   Wydale Lane
David Hudston