Lensflair group

Lensflair Group: creating still images that move

Lensflair Group is an advanced photography collective founded by six Derbyshire and South Yorkshire photographers. We meet monthly at the Church, and support its charity fundraising events by selling our prints and gift cards.  See link https://slate.adobe.com/cp/0c10g

We aim to make images that communicate emotion, mood or spirit of place, invite contemplation and provoke thought.

In Sheffield and surrounding areas there are various photographic societies and camera clubs, but we aren’t one of them. As like-minded individuals we wanted something different – the freedom and flexibility to create, share, explore and learn together in whichever ways most appealed to us. So the group’s membership is limited to single figures and is by invitation. Members of the group have a mix of different skills and experience as photographers and digital image editors. So we constantly help each-other to become better photographers and image-makers in whatever styles and genres we choose to explore.

We’re motivated by the enjoyment and fulfilment that we get out of what we do and what we learn. We’re always on the lookout for public display opportunities so that as many people as possible can view, appreciate and own our work. To find out more, please visit our website at www.lensflairgroup.zenfolio.com or email us at lensflairgroup@icloud.com